Our Specialties

Our specialties are the finest antique Indian baskets including Apache, Navajo, Chemehuevi, Pima, Havasupai, Mission, Pomo, Panamint, Yokuts, Washo and many others. Looking for the finest of the famous American turquoise mines? We are known for seeking out vintage Indian jewelry that features turquoise from #8 Mine, Lander Blue, Bisbee, Lone Mountain and Godber, Blue Gem, Royston, Morenci and many more. Silversmiths of fame that we search for include Charles Loloma, Fred Peshlakai, Kenneth Begay, Mark Chee, Johnny Pablo, Frank Patania, Preston Monongye, Fred Thompson, Leekya Deyusee, Teddy Weahkee, David Tsikewa, Frank Dishta, Leo Poblano and many more. A wonderful group of miniature pottery from the 1970s and 1980s by award winning artists. These little gems are the best creations of Pueblo Indian artists, employing the old methods and creating cutting edge style. Nancy Youngblood, Thomas Natseway, Geri Naranjo, Jopseph Lonewolf, Grace Medicine Flower and the late Haungooah, Art Cody. Now you can add these icons of miniature potttery artisans to your collection of Pueblo Indian pottery. Great vintage Pueblo Indian pottery by the Matriarchs including Nampeyo, Paqua, Maria Martinez and Popovi Da, Fannie Nampeyo, Blue Corn, Joseph Lonewolf and many more.We are known for our broad selection of New Traditional style Hopi Indian Kachinas by the carvers featured in Jonathan Day's book "Traditional Hopi Kachinas, A New Generation of Carvers".Featuring Matriarchs of Pueblo Indian Pottery including Maria Martinez, Helen Cordero, Margaret Tafoya and the families of Nampeyo, Frogwoman, Blue Corn and Joseph Lonewolf. Territorial Indian Arts has a large selection of contemporary, vintage and antique Pueblo Indian pottery.Please let us know of your special interest so we can notify you of new acquisitions. We keep a Wish List for our collectors and try to fulfill your wants!