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Morris and Sadie Laate Zuni Sun Face Bracelet

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$10.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Sun Face bracelet.

The masters of the Zuni Sun Face jewelry are Morris and Sadie Laate.

Zuni channel inlay of sterling silver set with jet, shell (white and yellow), coral and turquoise.

Recognizable as their artistry even with out the signature (which is a sunface).

Cuff bracelet is 1 1/2" wide tapering to 1/2", interior measures 5 1/2" plus the gap.

The center medallion is 1 1/2" diameter, the side two are 1 1/8".

The workmanship is perfect, which is what made them famous!

Note the Earrings and Pendant which match.

Buyer pays $10.00 for shipping.