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Navajo Women's Dance Textile by Anna Mae Barber

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  • Navajo Women's Dance Textile by Anna Mae Barber
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$12.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

 Product Description

Fine small tapestry to hang on the wall, by Navajo Indian artist Anna Mae Barber.

The Women's Dance is framed by the Burnham style border.

Hand spun churro wool is dyed with plants and aniline dyes, notably the light purple from flowers.

Really great details are woven, the concho belts and necklaces, even jacla earrings.

The older couple leads the unmarried girls followed by the married women.

This 1990s tapestry is in excellent original condition, we have just gotten it back from one of our collectors.

Measures 22" by 30".

Buyer pays $12.00 for shipping.

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