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Marie Z Chino Acoma Pueblo Pottery


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Lovely large pottery jar by Acoma Pueblo Indian artist Marie Z Chino, b. 1907-d.1982. Marie Chino was credited with reviving the fine quality of craftsmanship at the Acoma Pueblo, along with her friends, Lucy Lewis and Jessie Garcia.

Beginning in the 1950s they elevated Acoma pottery to an art form, away from the railroad and Route 66 souvenirs that were prevalent.

This wonderful classic jar stands 11" tall and is 11" diameter. The complex design includes floral motifs, cross hatching and ancient elements.

Traditionally hand built with coils of native clay, the stone burnished surface is then decorated with bee plant paint, pit fired.

Signed Marie Z Chino, Acoma, this jar was purchased in the late 1970s, it could very well be one of the last large pieces made by Marie as she passed on in 1982.

Perfect original condition. The clay surface is quite smooth, no spalling!

Buyer pays $45.00 for shipping and insurance.


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