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Textiles woven by Navajo Indians have been highly sought after for several hundred years. You can see fine antique paintings of Chiefs wrapped in the iconic blue, white and black striped blanket, hence the name "Chief's Blanket". Only the rich could afford them even then!

Since the Navajo have a sheep based economy which belong to the women, the wool is employed as a source of income and a means of artistic expression. To be a Navajo woman means to be a weaver.

Now days, many Navajo live in cities far from sheep, so to keep weaving they can buy wool, already dyed, at the Trading Posts. Some ladies buy native wool from women on the Reservation or get it from a family member. But weaving continues!

Tradition is slow to change, but each generation of weavers will add something new. The fineness of the warp and weft count continues to increase, sides are perfectly even and designs appear to be created by computer, but it is just the competition among the artists and new stimulation from the world around.

Now days they are good at catering to the decorating sense of color and size that home owners demand. Their hand woven textiles are beautiful as well as sturdy and are priced so you will feel comfortable walking on them.

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