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Guide for Collecting Indian Baskets at Territorial Indian Arts
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One hundred years of Basketry by Indians of the southwestern US are extremely collectible due to their fine quality and beauty. Most of the tribes who wove are no longer producing baskets. Not only are the materials scarce as in Arizona where the streams dried up after being dammed, so no more native willow trees, but pesticides have taken their toll also.

Prized by knowledgeable collectors, a fine willow basketry olla by the Apache Indians, embellished with people, horses, deer and dogs, can command six figure prices.

When studying Indian basketry you will be looking at the stitch count as well as the number of coils per square inch, the symmetry of the design and the gracefulness of the shape. Is there rim damage or broken coils? Stains or repairs? The top quality baskets will have no damage and no restoration.

Some tribe's baskets are more desirable than others, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Be sure to handle your old baskets carefully, never pick up by the rim, broken coils devalue steeply. Just dust them occasionally, don't wash them. Enjoy!

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